Our wheelabrator shotblasting machines allow large volumes of product or material to be processed quickly and reliably. The machines have a number of driven wheels that focus shot on the workpiece, in addition, some form of automated loading or movement through the machine is usually present. These machines are all designed and built to specific customer requirements. The wear areas of our machines are constructed from high chrome cast wear plates to extend service life.

The following types of machines are the most common:

Plate and pipe machines

These machines are adapted to a specialised purpose. Different versions of the machine are able to clean a number of regular shaped items including flat plates, round tube or pipe and I-beams. The pipe cleaner type machines are also typically used in the cylinder industry. The machines typically have two to eight blasting wheels focused on the top and bottom of the parts to be cleaned.  The machines allow fast production rates and an even finish on parts that cannot be achieved through manual methods.

Tumblast machine

This machine continuously moves the components through a tumbling action of the belt conveyor ensuring that  components are continually exposed to the blast stream and completely cleaned. For easy unloading, the belt conveyor is reversed, delivering the components into the loading skip.  For small to medium sized and irregular shaped components this results in efficient and consistent treatment of the components surface.

Hanger Type Machine

These machines allow larger irregular shaped components to be shotblasted in batches.  They can be manually loaded or can use an automated overhead conveyor.  The parts typically rotate in the machine whilst being blasted by one to four or more wheels.


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