Paint booths are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes - starting at small room sized booths for small components growing to structures of 30m long for large items such as train carriages. The paint booths meet industry lighting standards and include full temperature and humidity control to ensure that the painting process remains in control.

Our paint booths are typically steel beam structures with a painted smooth metal interior.  Lighting is essential in a paint booth, our paint booths are typically lit to 1000 lux and allow lights to be changed from the outside enhancing reliability and productivity.

They include multiple sensors and PLC controls that balance air flow, heating control and humidity constantly.


Our paint booths typically include temperature and humidity control.  This enables the correct environmental specifications to be achieved during the pre-heating, painting and baking processes.

Our larger paint booths can also be equipped with automatic man-riders that allow operators to move up-down and left-right in the booth under power.

Recent Paint Booth Installations

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    admin, August 7, 2018
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