Blasting media

The blasting process can clean materials, provide a specific surface finish or peen a material to improve its properties.  The choice of blasting media is a key determinant of the result achieved.  Tilghman provides a wide array of blasting media and can provide advice on the choice of suitable blasting media.  Some common media types are listed below.

Steel shot


Blasting with steel shot is a popular method for cleaning, stripping and improving a metal surface. Steel shot is manufactured into a round ball shape that results in a smooth and polished surface. The peening action of the steel shot produces improved compressive strength to metal surfaces. It is available in a range of sizes from S-70 to S-780. 

Steel grit

High-demand, aggressive applications are ideal for steel grit. Steel grit offers a very fast stripping action for many types of surface contaminants from steel and other foundry metals. Steel grit does not fracture easily making it perfect for creating an etched surface on metal. It is available in grit size range G-12 to G-80.

Glass Beads

Manufactured from lead-free, soda lime-type glass, containing no free silica, glass beads are manufactured into preformed ball shapes. Glass beads produce a much smoother and brighter finish than angular abrasives. Glass beads can be recycled approximately 30 times. They are available in grit size range 50-325.